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About Us

Who We Are

Waterpointe Consulting is a data privacy consultancy based in the Saint Louis area but servicing all areas of the United States.  We specialize in helping companies better understand, use, and protect the data they collect.  We have years of experience in data strategy, privacy, leadership, technology, business process improvement, and training which enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive data privacy solutions.


Waterpointe Consulting was started in 2023 out of a desire to help your business ensure the data entrusted to you by your customers is protected and that you exceed the compliance standards of the applicable data privacy regulations.  Today's consumers expect their data to be handled with the utmost care and even the most loyal customers will go elsewhere if you cannot show that this is happening. That's where we come in.  We have the knowledge and experience to guide your business down the path to a world-class privacy program and earn the trust of your customers. 


We are a family-owned company with low overhead allowing us to set our prices below that of other consulting firms for similar services.  Please give us a look and schedule your free consultation today.

Leadership Team

Owner and Principal Data Privacy Consultant

Greg Drysdale
Founder | Principal Consultant

Greg is a technology expert who has carved out a successful career spanning over 30 years, including 27 years in management and leadership roles.  He is a well-rounded technologist and leader having developed expertise in Data Privacy/Compliance, Data Analytics, Software Development, Enterprise Systems, Engineering, Program/Project Management, Asset Management, Service and Support, Process Improvement, Quality Assurance, and Vendor Management. Greg has worked for the federal government and companies of all types and sizes, which has given him great insight into how personal information is treated and where to focus his efforts.

Greg has a genuine desire to help businesses develop world-class data privacy programs.  He has seen good and bad examples of data handling as a corporate leader, a consumer, and a patient and understands that poor data handling practices are a key factor in consumers losing faith in a business.  In today's market, everyone collects personal data, but not everyone understands how to properly handle that data. Greg and his team want to change that, not only for the success of businesses, but for the betterment of everyone who entrusts their personal information to these businesses.

Greg has a deep understanding of data privacy and protection regulations including HIPAA, GDPR, U.S. state consumer privacy laws, COPPA, CalOPPA, ePrivacy Directive, GLBA, Dodd-Frank, and FERPA.  He is a member of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), is a Certified Information Privacy Manager (CIPM), a Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP/US), a Six Sigma Black Belt, and continues to work on other relevant certifications to expand his knowledge in the area of data privacy.  He also spent 21 years serving his country and is retired from the U.S. Air Force.  

Director of Operations and Data Privacy Consultant

Tawny Drysdale
Director of Operations

Tawny is an operations and administration specialist with over 20 years in corporate roles including 12 years of management and leadership experience.  She has a diverse background with a heavy emphasis on data privacy and protection, financials, documentation, and record-keeping.  She has extensive work experience protecting confidential personal information in hospitals, medical offices, and schools.  

Tawny has a deep understanding of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements, standards, and best practices, which makes her an outstanding resource for the team.  She has successfully navigated the intricate landscape of healthcare data management and is excited to extend her expertise into the broader area of generalized data privacy. Tawny is also skilled in the creation and use of data and analytics to drive business success and is an accomplished trainer.

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