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Practical. Data Privacy.

Consumer and healthcare privacy

solutions for the real world.

Data Privacy Services

We offer a full range of data privacy services to gain compliance
and build trust with your customers and patients.

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Consumer Data Privacy

EU Cookie Law | CPA | CDPA | CTDPA
UCPA | OCPA | TDPSA | More...
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Healthcare Data Privacy

HIPAA | State Healthcare Laws

Reap the Benefits of a World-Class Data Privacy Program


Remain in compliance with privacy laws


Enhance your

brand reputation


Build your

competitive advantage


Reduce your risk of breaches, lawsuits, and fines

What Our Clients Are Saying

Dara Meath
CTO, Build-A-Bear Workshop

Waterpointe Consulting's knowledge and expertise has helped us revamp our data privacy program.  They updated all of our policy documentation, automated processes, provided guidance, worked extensively with our privacy software vendor, and even helped process incoming data privacy requests.  I'd highly recommend!

Michelle Shimmin
Founding Partner, Shimmin Consulting

We recently partnered with Greg and Waterpointe Consulting to overhaul our data privacy program and cookie consent processes, and the results have been outstanding. Their expertise was evident from the start as they meticulously updated all of our policy documentation to ensure compliance with the latest regulations. Greg's knowledge, responsiveness and attention to detail provided my firm with an amazing level of trust and professionalism."

James Williamson
Managing Partner, Wimberley Arms

Greg and his team jumped in to help with our privacy policy, cookie consent, and age gating.  They did outstanding work and finished way ahead of schedule for the launch of our new website. And if that wasn't enough, they also were able to accurately mirror the tone and feeling of our website!


Let Us Help You Build Your
Competitive Advantage Too!

Having a reputation as a business that is committed to data privacy can set you apart from your competitors. We put in the hard work to ensure that you establish, build, and keep that trust with your customers.

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Who We Are

Waterpointe Consulting is a data privacy consultancy based in the Saint Louis area but servicing all areas of the United States.  We specialize in helping companies better understand, use, and protect the data they collect.  We have years of experience in data strategy, privacy, leadership, technology, process improvement, and training which enables us to provide our clients with comprehensive solutions that meet their needs.
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